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First Make your Mark e-Newsletter Releases

The first e-newsletter as part of the Make Your Mark campaign was sent out to subscribers in early June.

The new monthly newsletter will provide the latest information and advice around living kidney donation, tailored for past donors, kidney recipients, and people who may not have donated themselves but are interested in learning more.

The Make Your Mark campaign and this website,, has been launched by Kidney Research UK, the country’s leading kidney research charity, and Give a Kidney, a national charity devoted to living kidney donation, as part of the Robert Dangoor Partnership for Living Kidney Donation. We also work closely with NHS Blood and Transplant and other healthcare professionals to make sure everything is factually correct at the time of writing. Some of the information, facts, and figures that we feature has been collated from the NHS Blood and Transplant website.

Together, our aim is to raise awareness of living kidney donation and help more people understand what it means to be a living donor, as well as supporting and guiding them through their donation journey.

In the UK, more than 5,500 people are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant at the time of writing. Despite ongoing work to encourage donation, around six people die every week in need of a kidney. With this partnership, we want to shorten the waiting list, save lives, and improve the wellbeing of countless people.

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